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I missed the deadline to link up to my blog circle this month, but I still wanted to post a letter.  So, here we go.

Dear Girls,

The other day, I took you shopping with me.  When we left the store, you guys noticed the big tall radio tower that was right next door.  We decided to go over and look at it a little closer.  We talked about radio waves and space and satellites and so on.  You were both captivated.  When I pointed out the little ladder that went all the way to the top – Abby, you said “I would never want to go that high!” E – you immediately added “I would!”


And, in a nutshell, you two showed how different you are with those responses.  It made me laugh.  Abby is the one who is going to think through her actions and weigh all the options, pros, and cons before jumping in.  But E – you are far more likely to decide, on the spot, that yes – you will do this.  You’ll deal with the consequences later.

After we finished talking about satellite dishes, I announced it was time to head back to the car.  But, as we turned to leave, you two spotted a single puddle on the sidewalk.

In unison, you both asked “PLEEASE?”

Because, despite your differences, there are some areas that you will always agree on.  Jumping in puddles is one of those.  It’s up there with licking the brownie bowl and getting horse rides from dad.  The answer is always yes.

So, of course we then spent the next 20 minutes jumping in the puddle.  I was glad I had my camera on me and I was loving the golden afternoon light.  I took pictures, the two of you splashed, and giggled, and tried to out jump each other.  You were both having so much fun.

At one point, I put my camera down for a bit and just watched you two laughing.  Like in a movie – holding hands with the sunlight streaming through your identically blonde and wild hair.  I closed my eyes and said a little thankful prayer for that moment.  That perfect golden moment.

I doubt you’ll remember this day.  You’ll probably both forget about it by next month, or summer, or 3 years from now.  But, I’ll remember.  It’s why I take pictures, and it’s why I write.  To remember these simple little wonderful moments watching you grow up.

I love both of you little splash bugs,



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