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I have lived in the Northeast for the last eight years.  That may not make me a native, but it gives me a decent sample size of winters.  And I feel more than confident saying that this winter was Rough.  Really rough.  On top of that, we are in mid-April and still getting days of cold sleet.  People are ready for Spring, for sun, for warmth, for green, for birds, for flowers, and Dunkin’ iced coffees (right?).

And so am I.  I want to create and capture and celebrate the changing of the seasons.  I want to focus on little freckles, and faces turned towards the sunny sky.  I want to watch little feet running through green grass and I want to hear happy giggles.  I want to freeze dandelion puffs being blown into wishes and little fingers wrapped around wide flower bouquets.  Doesn’t it all sound so lovely?

Let’s make it happen.  I’m offering Spring Mini sessions Saturday May 2nd.  We’ll hold them at the Newton Centre Playground and we’ll run and hug and smile and stop time by freezing moments of you and your loved ones together.

Now, a special appeal to the mothers out there.  Yes, you.  As a photographer, I can say with certainty that I understand how intimidating it can be to get in front of a camera.  It’s the reason most of us have chosen to be on the other side (shhh, it’s a secret)  But as Mother’s Day approaches, I hope you’ll consider taking some time to get in the picture.  Of course we all love pictures of our children, that’s easy.  But it’s so important that our children see pictures with us in them too.  These mini sessions are a fantastic opportunity to get some quality images with you in them – but you don’t have to book with me in order to get in the frame.  Just make sure you do. <3

I’m gonna get in the frame too.  Promise.

Details on Spring Minis can be found below.  If you’re interested in grabbing a time, just shoot me an email ( laura@shachmutphotography.com ) and we’ll go from there.  I look forward to seeing everyone!

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